Sunday, January 6, 2013

10 months

Colin, you are 10 months old today! You are the most active baby and you are always on the move! You crawl and pull up on everything every chance you get.  You are not showing any signs of walking but you can stand by yourself.


You are in 12 month clothes and your pj’s are 12-18 month! We are starting  to try more table foods with you and you are a wonderful eater! Didi and Aunt Rachel came this weekend and watched you while your Dad and I went to a work dinner. You were so great with them and love them so much!


You love the “Little People” farm and little animals! They are the perfect size to chew on and you like to hold them all day long.


You are getting all top 4 teeth and maybe a few bottom teeth as well. You are not sleeping very well but you will be so cute with your new teeth very soon.


Teething is exhausting!


You saw snow this month for the 1st time.


Kaitlin in the snow at 10 months …


You are the sweetest baby and I can not believe you will be one so soon!


  1. He is so handsome, Amy! I'm glad you all are staying warm and cozy in the Ohio snow!!

  2. It's just amazing how quickly that first year goes by isn't it? He's such a handsome fella!

  3. What an adorable 10 month old! My littlest turned 10 months on the 11th. Such a fun age, isn't it?