Sunday, January 13, 2013

Week in review

We had a wonderful week! We are trying to get in a new routine in the new year! After Christmas and traveling we have been home and getting back to a normal schedule and flow at home!
Kaitlin had pajama day at school! She was so proud of her princess pajamas.
We cheered on the SEC in the national championship game!
We had waffle Wednesday
Colin loved every bite
Even picky picky Kaitlin had a waffle! This is amazing!

Colin also had a real banana too and this was the messy and happy after picture!

Kaitlin loves pockets and is amazed by them! She is so funny.

Kaitlin goes a million miles a minute these days and it is hard to catch her with my camera!


Colin before church today! Thanks Mrs. Pat and Mr Johnny for the adorable outfit! He looks like a boy and not a baby!

All our snow is gone after the snow on Christmas! We saw grass for the 1st time this week! It makes it feel less cold with grass instead of snow!


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