Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow days

We had a very snowy weekend in Ohio! We got a lot of snow & it was also very windy so it was really hard to tell how much snow we actually received. There were places in the yard with over a foot of snow and other spots in the yard with an inch.
Snow drift
Colin loves the snow. He just stands at the window and watches it and points. He doesn't mind the cold and just laughs the colder it gets. He has been laughing a lot!
Loving being outside
Kory had the same idea 30 years ago like father like son!
Kory on the left and Colin on the right.
Saturday snow
Sunday it was close to whiteout conditions at times during the day.

It was extra windy Sunday night and it created these amazing "snow rollers" all over the yard. They are amazing and apparently very rare.

Schools have been closed all week so we have enjoyed being inside by the fire. Too cold to play outside!

My two snow bunnies


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snowman week

Colin is doing great and has recovered from his surgery! We are so thankful for a quick recovery and for his hearing. He is starting to vocalized more every day and is responding to our voice! He is growing up so fast and I think he has even grown since Christmas.
Kaitlin had snowman week at school and it snowed all week

Wednesday of snowman week
Colin has a huge fan club at his school. I walked him in on Wednesday and all these little girls ran up and gave him a huge hug. Such a ladies man.
My crew
Love seeing Colin so happy
It has been so cold and has snowed every other day. I have lost track of all the snow and cold. The weather guy said he had good news for February more snow and less cold! This is not good news!! We will not complain when it is hot this summer!
Look at these huge snow flakes!


Monday, January 13, 2014

Colin's ears

Colin has been having a tough fall. He had 6 ear infections since Thanksgiving! Even on antibiotics he could not get rid of them and he has been in constant pain. We saw an ENT and got surgery scheduled.
Last Monday was the big day for getting tubes and removing adenoids. It snowed Sunday night and was below zero for most of the day so I was thankful Kory could be with us! We were scheduled for 1st surgery of the day.
It was suppose to snow 18 inches so Didi came up early so he would miss the snow. He stayed with Kaitkin while we were at the hospital. It was so nice for her to be at home and having fun with Didi!
Our local childrens hospital was amazing and took such great care of us all day!
They even gave him a new stuffed animal! He tried to give it back once they started poking him. He figured out it was a decoy toy!
Colin loved the little cars and kept him quite entertained. They wheeled him back in his little car and the surgery was done very quickly.
He did great in surgery and took a while to wake up in recovery! He is normally so busy it was so strange to see him calm and still.

We are so thankful for a successful surgery and recovery. Hoping this will help our sweet boy feel better very soon.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Day part two

We spent Christmas afternoon at Kiki's house.
We had a yummy lunch and lots of fun with all our cousins!
Colin was so happy when he opened his very own Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. He just giggled and giggled at this neat gift.
Two kids looking at the camera
9 kids all in one picture
Clearly Colin is ready for his nap
All the girls
These two love each other so much
8 kids all looking at the camera ...amazing !

We had great afternoon of fun at Kiki's. So thankful for such a wonderful day!


Christmas Day

We started the day off at Didi's house. We had a great morning together. Dad got Kory an amazing book by General Neyland. Such a great gift.
Colin was thrilled by his new plane and carried it around all day.
Aunt Ray
My Christmas cuties
Getting group pictures are tough
Still holding the plane
I LOVE his face!

We had so much fun being with Didi and Ray! We played all our new games and had a great morning.


Thursday, January 2, 2014

Santa Claus is Coming

Kaitlin sprinkled reindeer food on the lawn preparing for Santa

DSC 0006


 We left our note for Santa 

DSC 0012

Kissed “elfie” goodbye and see ya next year!

DSC 0014

Cookies and Coke for Santa 

DSC 0027

Christmas Morning and Santa came!!!

IMG 2072

So excited about her princess castle

DSC 0043

Colin was amazed at his planes racing set 

DSC 0034