Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Eve

We started Christmas Eve at Dad’s house ! We had fun playing and Dad surprised Rachel and I with an early Christmas present. He had Mom’s sweatshirts made into quilts for us. It was the most amazing gift and is something that will be treasured forever! 


We spent Christmas Eve with Kory’s family and had a wonderful dinner and time of fellowship!

IMG 1701

 We read the Christmas story and sang songs before exchanging gifts. They asked if any of the children wanted to sing a special solo or recite a special verse. Kaitlin unprompted sang her song from school “Happy Birthday Jesus”. We were so surprised that not a single person caught it on video. She also recited the “ Pledge of Allegiance”. It was a very special memory. 

IMG 1698

 Colin got a phone and was amazed by it all night 

IMG 1713

It was a fun Christmas Eve and then we had to get ready for Santa to come visit our house!

IMG 1716

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