Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ice skating fun

Kaitlin and Kory went ice skating with all our cousins during Christmas Break! They have done this every year and always eat at S&S before skating... So now that is a tradition too.
Kory and Kaitlin went thru the line and Kaitlin was very adventurous ordering roast beef, corn and mashed potatoes. None are foods she likes or would eat but she was insistant that's what she wanted. When they sat down for dinner Kaitlin asked Kory if he liked HIS dinner and she was ordering for him!!! She managed to get some red jello while Kory ate Kailtin's dinner. She did not quite grasp the cafeteria concept.
Kailtin had so much fun with her cousins
Aunt Gina is an amazing skater and helped Kaitlin with her moves.
Kailtin and Aunt Gina
Kaitlin and her crew

Such a fun tradition.... Can't wait for Colin to skate next year!


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