Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Snow days

We had a very snowy weekend in Ohio! We got a lot of snow & it was also very windy so it was really hard to tell how much snow we actually received. There were places in the yard with over a foot of snow and other spots in the yard with an inch.
Snow drift
Colin loves the snow. He just stands at the window and watches it and points. He doesn't mind the cold and just laughs the colder it gets. He has been laughing a lot!
Loving being outside
Kory had the same idea 30 years ago like father like son!
Kory on the left and Colin on the right.
Saturday snow
Sunday it was close to whiteout conditions at times during the day.

It was extra windy Sunday night and it created these amazing "snow rollers" all over the yard. They are amazing and apparently very rare.

Schools have been closed all week so we have enjoyed being inside by the fire. Too cold to play outside!

My two snow bunnies


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