Friday, December 5, 2014

Santa Visit

We attempted to visit Santa a few weeks ago!! This was as close as Colin got!! He was crying before we even got to sit with Santa He was not a fan! 

FP POLARIS 20141121 000008

And he let the entire mall know how upset he was!! Maybe next year!

FP POLARIS 20141121 000007


Kaitlin was thrilled to meet Santa and was just smitten with him! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000009 P

Look how excited Santa is to have his picture made with Kaitlin! He was so sweet and laughed with a real “hohoho”! It was such a fun magical experience for Kaitlin! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000010

This is one of my favorites!!! Santa loved her outfit too!! She was so proud!! 

SS POLARIS 20141121 000011

Such a fun Christmas memory! 

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