Monday, May 30, 2016

Zoo day

We made our first summer trip to the zoo on Saturday! We always start out with our favorite the flamingos! 
We had a great visit 
Lots of new stuff at the zoo for the summer and special guests from Ice Age were there! Kaitlin was so thrilled!
Colin was neutral 
These penguins have become my measuring gauge for my kids!!!! They know they have to get there picture with the statue! It's tradition 
Colin has grown a ton! 
His favorite is the aquarium 
Giraffes were practicularly photogenic 

Kaitlin is currently doing a research project on bald eagles so it was extra special to see them up close! Kailtin has learned a lot about these birds and it was great timing to see her bird!
Can't wait for another zoo day! We headed to the pool after the zoo to cool off! We got there and applied sunscreen when a storm rolled thru and the lighting sirens went off! We waited out the storm and got a few hours at the pool before another storm rolled in! Such a busy day! 

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