Tuesday, July 24, 2012


The count down is on to move into our house! We have not been in Ohio that long but it seems like everything has changed! We have had a wild month and I kinda feel like I am on an extended vacation! We have been living in a condo and doing fun stuff like the zoo, and ice cream ... it does not feel like our life. I think once our stuff gets here and we unpack it will feel more like "home"!

Colin has gone from a baby to a boy overnight! Colin has learned to roll over and to sleep less here!

He started playing in the exersaucer here and started eating ceral here!

Kaitlin has done better than I ever expected transition to a new house and new everything! We have really changed a lot and she has been flexible throughout the move! She is so funny and really pays attention to everything! She is a parrot and says the funniest things!
This zoo is the best thing we brought to play with in our new place! It has been a zoo, a vet, a safari, pattern play, animal game and animal shape games! All games made up by Kailtin! Her imagination has bloomed and we hear a new story all time!


We are excited about our new transition and thankful we have been together on our new adventure!

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  1. Such an exciting time in your lives. Glad the transition has gone smoothly so far :)