Saturday, June 30, 2012

Storm Story

I have not been very adventurous since moving to Ohio! It is not easy learning a new city with a 3 month old and a 3 year old! I have a very limited sense of direction so getting lost is always a real possibility when ever I leave The house! Dad came to help me with learning some areas and finding some new places in a new city! It is so reassuring to navigate with another adult! We left for our adventure and the sky looked a little cloudy but we figured a little rain would be ok! As we start driving further into town the sky turned dark grey, then navy, then BLACK! Here is the sky in the early stages of he storm!

We noticed it was getting very windy then the storm hit! We had no idea at the time but we were in a severe thunderstorm with 82 mile per hour winds! Great time to finally get out and go exploring! There were flying boxes, lawn furniture, grills, even huge trampolines being tossed around! We were so thankful to not be hurt! There were down trees everywhere and most of the city is without power!
We are very lucky to have power and air conditioning! Hoping this is the biggest adventure for a while!



  1. Mercy! So glad y'all are safe. What a crazy storm!

  2. Glad we were safe, we stayed inside during the storm but we've lived in Ohio all our lives anyways but have lived in the heart of Amish country for about 15 years now though, I didn't live in Ohio all my life but was adopted at 9 mos. old and my sister was 4 mos. old when she was adopted.


  3. Welcome to Ohio! Sorry you got off to such a bad start with our weather. I see you guys got to see our zoo though to counteract some of the bad of the weather. If you are living in the Columbus area and have any questions please let me know I'll be happy to help out and what I don't know I'll try to find out for ya. Shellie (