Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Animal House

We have had a lot of showing on our house and we are so thankful for each showing! We are trying to get creative about our adventures during showings with a 3 year old and a 3 month old!

There has been lots of napping


And lots of treats!


Sunday we had a very early morning!! I was up from 3-4:30 with Colin and Kory got a work call at 4:30 and was up until about 6ish!! So we got home from church and our house was not “showing ready” I was planning on a big nap! I saw I missed a call from our realtor and called her back at 12:54! Her message was we had a showing at 1:00!! We got the house in order in a hurry and got out of the house!

We went to the bookstore and the pet store (animal house as Kaitlin like to call it) She had the best day!! Here is her talking about her adventures!

Kaitlin’s Best Day ever!

Sorry for my terrible filming!! It is not my specialty but it was too cute not to share!!


  1. We'll be putting our house on the market soon. I'm stressing about keeping it spotless clean with a busy three (almost four year old). I'll gladly take any/EVERY tip you have to offer!!!! =)

    1. I am no expert but I do know that you are guaranteed to have a showing when your house is a disaster! Always have a empty dirty dishwasher! It is a great place to hide stuff! Oven is also great but be careful to not preheat it until you clean it out! Have an empty laundry basket handy and you can throw all the toys in it and hide it in your car for showings. I kept snacks diapers and toys in a bag in the car! Hope your house sells quickly!

  2. When Kaitlin said her favorite animal was a "cat" didnt she mean to say DOG!