Monday, June 18, 2012

Road Trip

After 2 days of driving we finally made it to Ohio! We are so thankful to Not be in the car today and getting settled into our temporary housing!

We had the best drive from NWA to St. Louis! Everyone slept and Kory and I got to have a long conversation! It was wonderful! After that poor Colin was lonely and would cry and cry! We got him out to feed him and he would just grin! Sweet baby just missed us!
Kaitlin was great and watched her DVDs
She was not a fan of Colin crying! They were both troopers and we are never going anywhere ever again!
Poor Kory did a great job of packing! It is favorite thing to do!
everyone in so happy today! I think they are afraid I will take them on another road trip if they get too crazy!
Our next day went much better! And there was minimal crying from anyone! We have been exploring and unpacking today!





  1. I've been following you from Kelly's blog but have never commented. Welcome to Ohio...not sure where you are settling, but I'm in Springfield, OH.

  2. Welcome to Ohio, Amy! I hope you get settled quickly. If you have any questions, please let me know. I don't know a ton about the big city ;), but we have friends here of whom I can inquire and pass along info. It would be fun to meet up at the zoo or something too!