Thursday, September 24, 2015

School days

I'm Kaitlin had the day off Monday so we got to enjoy a little treat by ourselves after we dropped off Colin! 
It was so sweet to have some one on one time! 
Kaitlin has had an amazing start to school! 
Kaitlin was off the charts for good behavior today and she was so thrilled to get a braclet for making good choices!!! 

Kaitlin goes all day to school and eats lunch! She gets art, music or PE everyday as well!! These are huge things and so different from last year! 
Kaitlin's table won for cleanest table at art this week! 
Kaitlin was soooooo excited about the book fair!!! 
She is so grown up and this was shocking when I measured her the other night! 4 feet tall!!!!! 

So thankful for such a great start to the year!!! 

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