Monday, July 4, 2011

Best 3rd of July Ever!!!!

We had the best 3rd of July ever!!!! We walked into church on Sunday  all decorated with flags and patriotic bunting everywhere! We sang patriotic songs and it was the best service! 


Usually Kaitlin does not eat lunch after church because she has had a morning snack in her class! We tried to risk eating out and it was wonderful! Kaitlin snacked on  some chips and was so happy! It was fun eating out and then Kaitlin was ready for her nap.


We knew that fireworks would be going off when it got dark but we were not prepared for the magnitude of the fireworks in Arkansas! In Tennessee growing up fireworks were NOT LEGAL! AT ALL! Sometimes our neighbors would shoot of bottle rockets and sparklers but the big fireworks were at public shows.

Arkansas sells real fireworks and has specific days that they are allowed to be launched. These fireworks in our neighborhood were professional huge fireworks. At one point during the night there were at least 12 different groups on all sides of house launching amazing and loud fireworks. We sat in the comfort of our backyard and had such a fun time!



Kaitlin missed the entire thing and did not make a peep while all the booms and bangs of the fireworks rattled our house!

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