Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Media Day

Kaitlin and I have made a tradition to watch SEC Media Day ever year!!


We are hoping for a great season and we can’t wait for football season!


Here is Kaitlin’s First SEC Media Day 2009

16-17 weeks 076

Last year 2010


2011—a new dress size 3 a new era of Tennessee football!!—She is not doing “hook em horns!”


Kaitlin thinks we will be #1!


And she is really excited Tennessee will play down the street from us this year! IMG_9228

Kaitlin’s favorite player will be at Media Day and we can’t wait to see him!  Tauren Poole, we are cheering for you!


Kaitlin was looking at a Tennessee pre season magazine a few weeks ago and Tauren was on the cover! We started telling her the players names and she said “Poole” and pointed to his picture! It was a baby book milestone day “ Kaitlin recognizes her 1st football player! We are so proud! 6 more weeks till Football Time and we are ready!!

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  1. Girl...I'm ready too! We're hoping to take lil' man to a game this year. My first game ever....seriously why have I waited SO long???? I love your posts about TN and how you may live in Razorback country, but you're a diehard UT fan at heart! LOVE IT!!!! =) I can't wait to hear "It's football time in Tennessee!!" again and have some cooler temps. It's been outrageous here!