Friday, March 29, 2013

Easter Bunny Fun

Saturday we had a fun day out of the house anticipating the snow this week. We went to breakfast and headed to the mall. We had no agenda and no plan. We saw the Easter Bunny sign and Kaitlin was so excited. I had not prepared her for any meeting with any bunny and she has never had a documented picture with the Eater Bunny. I was sure this would be a disaster!

Easter Bunny 2013 3

She walked up to him like they were best friends and was a pro. She complimented his “garden” and his beautiful outfit. It was so funny and she requested a chocolate bunny. I am not sure where she got this idea but it was such a fun day.

Easter Bunny 2013 1Easter Bunny 2013 2IMG_6132

We also ran into the Wal-Mart Bunny! 2 Bunnies in one day. Kaitlin was thrilled!

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