Friday, March 29, 2013

Birthday week

Kaitlin loved celebrating her birthday this week! She woke up to SNOW on Monday! We hope this is not a tradition we continue for the next few years!

Good thing we planned ahead and got cupcakes on Saturday!!!

She was very proud of her birthday ribbon!

We had our 4 year old checkup on Tuesday and Kaitlin talked everyone's ear off! I am so so thankful for a great appointment! Kaitlin asked all sorts of questions and it was so funny seeing Kaitlin ask the dr about her day and her office. She is a tall girl at 42 inches and 38 pounds.

Unfortunately Kaitlin danced into her dresser yesterday and she now has an Easter egg bump on her head! She will be extra festive on Sunday! Poor girl! I followed her around all afternoon yesterday asking her to count my fingers and follow the light! She thought I was crazy but she was totally fine!

Good news is that she hasn't slowed down at all and is so excited to celebrate Easter!

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