Tuesday, July 23, 2013

daddy weekend

Kory was so great to keep both kids all weekend and had an amazing Daddy weekend! We had to get up early to get to the airport so he made the best of things and grabbed breakfast at Chickfila.

Then the zoo

Colin had the best time
Our favorite okapi!
They went to the mall and then played outside all night
They slept well on Friday! Saturday started with cinnamon rolls and then they got rained out of their plans!
So they ended back at Chickfila!
Kory said they both made lots of friends at the play area!

They went on all sorts of adventures and they were so great!

They had a pool day on Sunday before the came to pick me up at the airport! They had so much they did not want to leave. It was so nice knowing they were having a great time without me!

We finished the weekend at the outdoor walking around and eating at Abuelos! Kaitlin even got to visit the American Girl store! It was a great way to end Daddy weekend!

Kory was amazing and the kids are ready for Daddy weekend again very soon!



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  1. This is so sweet Amy!! Colin looks 5 years old!!! You have the most beautiful kids. :-) Sending our love from Arkansas!