Friday, July 12, 2013

Date night

Kory and I were so blessed to go on a real date last week! Didi and Ray watched the kids and even put them to bed so we could have a date. We got a local restaurant gift card for Christmas and I thought it would never be used! They have lots of resturants all over Columbus and we have wanted to try lots of them.
We ate at Mitchell's Ocean Club at Easton, this cute outdoor mall that has so many shops and restaurants. It was an amazing place very chic and dark. Totally not a place we usually would go so it was a fun night.

We started with fondue so you know it was a great night! They had the most amazing pretzel bread too! Everything all night was amazing. We had crab cakes and steak along with amazing corn and augratin jalapeƱo potatoes. The crab cakes may be the best I have ever had... Amazing in Ohio!

It was so special to go on a date. As we were leaving Kory was so sad Tiffany's was already closed!
It was fun walking around with the twinkle lights outside and having a conversation! It was the perfect night!

Our babysitters were so wonderful and we are so thankful for them being so wonderful!


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  1. I live right by Easton. I've been to Ocean Club once (our small group went there). It was good. Columbus does have so much food and shopping. If you're not familiar with Easton you should come during the day. Your little guy would love the fountains and to ride the trolley. There's different events during the days animals from the zoos, etc. Glad you had a great time.