Thursday, April 28, 2016

Birthday weekend

Friday was one of Kaitlin's favorite days of the year!!!! The Fun for all festival was at Kaitlins school and she had a blast! They set up games in every classroom! 
It was so fun to see Kaitlin in her own little world!!! 
Shaved ice to end a fun night! 
Saturday Soccer was chilly but Kailtin had a great game!! It was so cold I wore my huge Ohio coat with fur good! I was not about to be cold! Poor Kaitiln,She got nailed with the ball in the face but was so brave! 
Since it was almost cold again Kory and Kailtin saw The Jungle Book! Kaitlin spoke panther the rest of the night!
Kory celebrated his birthday on Sunday and it was an absolutely beautiful day! 
We had a great day at church and played outside!
We did some outdoor mall shopping and enjoyed the amazing weather! And are at Chuys on the patio! A wonderful way to celebrate! 
Happy Birthday Kory!!!!

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