Monday, October 13, 2014

Walk for Autism

Our family walked in the Autism Speaks walk with Kory's office this weekend. The event raised over one million dollars before the walk even started. The walk was downtown and there were an amazing amount of people there to support a wonderful cause.
It was a little brisk at the start of the walk and it was warm almost hot by the end. It was a beautiful day
Kaitlin had a blast bouncing
I still can't get over how old she looks without her tooth
My sweet girl! There were cheerleaders every block and Kaitlin loved them. She got lots of high fives!
The walk started and ended at the baseball stadium. She was so excited to see the game! Unfortunately there was no game but she is really excited about next season. And the snacks for next season.
Kaitlin also met her favorite superhero.
We ate downtown at Bucc di Peppo after the walk! It was a great lunch and fun being downtown
It was a great walk and a great day!


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