Monday, December 19, 2011

Sweet Treats

Kaitlin loves turning off the Christmas lights!! Kory is a gadget guru and has all our lights controlled by one remote!! It is the best thing ever and Kaitlin loves controlling the lights!

December11 030

Kaitlin has always called me “momma” which I love but today she has started calling me “mommy” just out of the blue!! It was so sweet when I got her up this morning! And still sweet when she kept calling it at naptime for “mommy plaaaaay”! Sweet sweet words I will always treasure!

December11 029

Here is Kaitlin showing off her skills at turning on and off the lights! She loves the dark and likes to yell “BOO” and then turn them back on! Silly girl!

December11 031

Such a sweet and sassy girl!! When did she grow up!!!

December11 032December11 033December11 036

She loves all the decorations and goes around saying “noooo”! It is too funny to see her want to touch them then remember it is a no touch.

December11 038December11 039

My little helper!

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