Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Car

Santa came to visit Kaitlin at Kiki’s house and Kaitlin was thrilled to see what he left her!!  She was eagerly waiting on me just to get inside.Christmas 2011 105

Christmas 2011 106

HAPPY CAR!!! This is Kaitlin’s favorite character from Cars 2! She named him “Happy Car” and it was a very popular present to say the least.

Christmas 2011 108

She didn’t really care about anything else besides her play dough and of course “Happy Car”.

Christmas 2011 110

He did not leave her side the rest of the day.

Christmas 2011 120

Happy Car, Hannah and Kaitlin playing on the iPod.

Christmas 2011 124Christmas 2011 122Christmas 2011 125

All the cousins by age!! These are all so cute and Kaitlin looks different in every picture. I could not believe she stood still, smiled, and looked at the camera! It was truly a Christmas miracle!

Christmas 2011 131

Happy Car still with us!

Christmas 2011 132Christmas 2011 136Christmas 2011 144Christmas 2011 157

All the great grand children with Mamaw!

Christmas 2011 169

With some great help from her cousins Kaitlin got the hang of opening presents!

Christmas 2011 187Christmas 2011 191Christmas 2011 183Christmas 2011 193

Kaitlin showing off Happy Car to Mamaw …


We had such fun at Kiki and Pop’s house and we are so thankful to have time to spend with our entire family! What a blessing our family is to us!

Christmas 2011 129

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