Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa Paws

Kaitlin loves the new puppy outfits that her Kiki sent her for Christmas!  She’s been picking them out herself to wear over the past couple of days.

November 2011 P5 025

And out of nowhere, she can actually say “PUPPY!!” now, instead of just dog.  She gets so excited …

November 2011 P5 026

Here’s Kaitlin with her favorite puppy, Smokey. She was sad that Smokey was on the injured reserve list this season (and her Daddy was sad half of Smokey’s team was on the same list).

November 2011 P5 023

Kaitlin has a case of the sniffles lately so we broke out the humidifier in her room again.  When she woke up, she picked out the winter puppy dress (SO cute!!!), and here’s what she looked like after nap time …


With that wavy, curly hair, WHO IS THAT???  Where did my little girl go???


She is just growing up SO fast.  Kaitlin enjoys playing dress up these days too and can’t be separated from her cell phone and purse.


Kory says it’s a little too early for this and that I’m not helping.  I think he’s just delaying the inevitable!  She’s just too much fun!

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