Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Holiday Cheer

We had had the best week listening to Christmas music and watching Christmas specials!! It has been so much fun!

November 2011 p4 030

Kaitlin and I have also been hanging out admiring the Christmas tree!

November 2011 p4 031

My Christmas cutie

November 2011 p4 029

Here is my 1st attempt at video on my IPhone!!! The quality is not great but the subject sure is cute!! Kaitlin was watching cars and names them all!! It was too funny not to share!

First Iphone video… sorry for the quality but it is a cute subject

We saw the Macy’s Justin Beiber commercial so many times this weekend that Kaitlin has her 1st crush!! She squeals every time we see him on TV!! Kory is less than impressed and is worried it is a little early for a crush!!

Kaitlin’s reaction to Justin Beiber

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