Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Growing up too fast

I love having this blog as a scrapbook for Kaitlin! It has been fun to look back and remember the little things she has done that I would have never remembered unless I had written them down! I also love to compare pictures of her from year to year! She is just growing up way to fast! It is also hard to believe that this is her 3rd Halloween!! I guess time flies when you are having fun!!







Kaitlin had the best time handing out candy to all our trick or treaters! We think we had about 200 and we almost ran out of candy I think we have about five pieces of candy left! Kaitlin was so excited to run to the door to see all the kids. She was so tickled when “Buzz Light-year” and “Woody” from Toy Story came to HER door! She had such a fun night and it was so special to see her so excited over such a simple night!

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