Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Orange Weekend

My sweet sister and Kory’s friend Will made the long journey to NWA for the Tennessee vs. Arkansas game!! I have been looking forward to this weekend for longer than a year and it was so wonderful to have such great friends in town!!! We had front row seats for not a great game but we had a great weekend!! Rachel, Kaitlin and I went to lunch on Friday and we had such fun!!


Tusk the pig!! Kory couldn’t get close to say hey!!


Kaitlin was excited for the game to start

november 2011 p2 015

Then it started

november 2011 p2 014

And it just got worse!!!

november 2011 p2 013

She is still a fan!!!

november 2011 p2 030

I did not get to go to the game but this sweet little sickie was just not game ready!! Poor thing!!

november 2011 p2 036november 2011 p2 042

She did rebound to play a little!! Turns out she has an ear infection and I am so glad we did not take her to the game!! TN will play here again someday… hopefully we can all go to the game then!!

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