Thursday, December 15, 2011


Kaitlin LOVES the new Cars movie!! She watches the movie and will tell you every car in the movie!! It is the cutest thing!!

December 2011 P2 024

Kaitlin may be a girly girl but she also loves playing games with her Daddy

December 2011 P2 022

This is a terrible blurry picture but the memory is so sweet!! Kory took Kaitlin to Walmart and Kaitlin was ecstatic to see the Cars 2 real car!! She was so happy and hugged it goodbye!


Not as excited in the Barbie car!!


I love our nativity!! It was given to me as a wedding present and it is so special to me! We have it in our breakfast nook and we look at it all the time!! It is a great way to tell the Christmas story to Kaitlin and for her to visually see all the different people. It is right at her level and she LOVES looking and sometimes touching it!

December 2011 P2 026

I have been explaining the wise men coming to visit and in Kaitlin's mind she wanted Lighting McQueen to make a visit as well!!

December 2011 P2 029

Faith thru the eyes of a child!!!

December 2011 P2 027December 2011 P2 028

Such sweet innocence!!

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  1. That is so sweet. :) Lightning McQueen and Chick Hicks visit our stables (aka "Jesus' house" according to Asa) almost daily. :)