Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Eve

We were so blessed to spend 10 days in Tennessee for Christmas. Since Kory and I are both from the same town we are so lucky to see all our family. Christmas Eve we see both extended families on Kory’s side. We started out at the gym where Kaitlin was hanging with the big kids.


Poor thing is the youngest and got nailed with a basketball. She did not even blink and then ran to steal the ball back from a bigger cousin! Pat Summit may begin recruiting her in a few years. She has her Daddy’s Basketball moves.


All of Kaitlin’s cousins were so nice and she loved all the attention! 


Cole & Kiley were especially good with her playing basketball and running after the balls with her.


We were so excited to see Grandmother and everyone at the gym!  Next, we moved to the Bounce House to play with Shinlever’s, Hoffner’s, Ruckart’s, Crockett’s, Merritt’s, & Evans’!  Kaitlin had SO much fun on the slides!

Kaitlin at the Bounce House

Her daddy was a little tired by the time he went down the slide for the 10th time, it was worth it!

This year we even got to stick around to hear John read the Christmas story.

Kaitlin is a little distracted by her new balloon.

Unfortunately, it didn’t quite hold Kaitlin’s attention but it will soon!  We are so fortunate to have such a great family.  We miss you all!

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