Sunday, January 23, 2011

Just Classic

Kaitlin has been doing some oddly funny things lately.  I can’t really explain it but I guess that’s what happens as your child approaches 2 years old.

Evidently Care Bear and Ducky have a crush on each other.  Move over Millionaire Match Maker!


Riding her Zebra, she decided it would be more adventurous to blindfold him with her blanket …


Kaitlin has been staying up a little later at night with us lately.  When she gets tired she makes herself comfortable on the hardwood floor with her panda pal pillow & a Tennessee snuggie!



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  1. Just found your blog off kelly's. What a pretty girl you have, she reminds me so much of my middle daughter at that age. Blue eyes and dark hair. I used to dress my youngest just like that:) ENjoy her, time goes SO fast. My 3rd grader won't always wear a bow any more:(