Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Party Time

Kaitlin has been a lucky girl with 2 birthday parties the past 2 weekends. They were both at a local inflatable place  Jump zone and Kaitlin had so much fun. This is the way to have a party with a toddler. Take the kids somewhere else!

This was Kaitlin’s favorite area the “Finding Nemo” inflatable. She would just stay in there and jump her little heart out! Thankfully Kory went with me to help control Kaitlin and I got to visit with friends.


Kaitlin also liked the Sesame Street area. It was for toddlers so everything was a little smaller. It was the perfect size for an almost 2 year old.


Kaitlin also LOVED the parties because of all the yummy goodies. She could get use to this birthday party thing! I am afraid we will be in Jump zone withdrawal this weekend with NO party.


Waiting for the yummy cake!


Kaitlin was very interested in the balloons and she has played with her balloon nonstop since Saturday!


Not so sure about the cake but LOVED the icing!


She finally got the hang of the cake and it was gone


Happy Birthday to two sweet girls. Kaitlin had a blast celebrating with you guys! Kaitlin turns 2 in 2 months! I am having so much fun planning her party. Actually I am almost done planning it! I still can’t believe she is almost two!

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