Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Days

We have been snowed in since Sunday night. The amount of snow was minimal but the roads yesterday were icy and I do not drive in any white precipitation.  Kaitlin was amazed at the snow coming down but had no interest in playing in the cold.


We had a great day Monday but by Tuesday we both had cabin fever. So Kaitlin invented a new game. She would hide items in the basket and then was climbing in the basket to find them. It occupied hours of our day!



It is 3 degrees outside right now so we are putting on our warmest clothes.  Spring can not get here fast enough!


The roads look GREAT this morning so don’t worry we are getting out of the house! Can’t you tell how excited we are!


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  1. Just be glad you're not back home in East TN. We've been snowed in for three days......we're not used to this. Getting a lil' antsy and cabin fever is horrid..... It's not supposed to warm up until Friday/Saturday. Glad it only snows like this every few years. I pray this isn't the beginning of something new here for the south. Enjoy your day out! *jealous* lol