Monday, February 25, 2013

Princess on ice

Kory and Kaitlin went to Disney on Ice on Sunday. They had the best time and Kaitlin was so amazed the entire time!

We tried to explain to Kaitlin all week that she would see the Disney characters on ice and they would be skating! She told me Friday night she was too nervous and did not want to skate in the show! Poor thing thought she would be on the ice. We told her that she would be watching and was much more excited about the show.

Kaitlin sat in her seat and was attentive for most of the two hour show! She loved seeing Peter Pan, Alice, and the princesses. Tiana and Rapenzuel were crowd favorites as well.

Kaitlin and Kory got a huge popcorn at intermission and Kaitlin told Kory that "mommy is missin me !" Then she confessed she missed me too!

I was so excited that Kaitlin had a great time and so thankful for a wonderful husband who treated our princess to a big date. We were putting a very tired and happy girl to bed and she told us that she was so happy to be home! A special end to a special day!


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