Tuesday, February 19, 2013


We have had snow everyday since Friday in Ohio. Not tons of snow just snow showers for an hour covers everything then nothing! Poor Kaitlin is so tired of the snow and is ready to play outside. Her reply to the snow one day was " not again!" We will welcome spring weather any day.
We are getting creative with being inside and Kaitlin built a "pirate ship" and we had fun playing at sea.
Baby Colin tried grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, pot roast, and biscuits! He is a hungry boy and loves to try new things.
Happy boy
Kaitlin ready for the day! She talks non stop all day and is so creative in her games. We are always " saving animals" or looking for treasure. It is an adventure with my girl everyday.
Look at all his teeth
Colin is now drinking milk out of his cup for every feeding except his night bottle. He loves the freedom of feeding himself and transitioned to milk drama free.
Loving his Daddy
I love that they love each other so much! My sweet boys
Snow. This was an hours worth of snow one day. Over it.


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  1. If it's any consolation, that was what our first OH winter was like. One month we saw the grass 3 days out of the entire month. It snowed all.the.time. Unfortunately, the snow CAN keep coming into April ( :( and did last year). But our 2nd winter was completely different. A few 2-3 ft. dumps, but they'd melt away by the end of the week and we'd have awhile before the next 2-3 ft. dump. We joked it was b/c we bought a snow blower that year--and only ended up needing it once! Ha! :) I hope it lets up for you soon!