Monday, February 11, 2013

Books and balloons and art

I had to run an errand today with both Kaitlin and Colin. I usually run all my errands with just Colin when Kaitlin is in school! I promised Kaitlin a balloon if we had no drama so we came home with a valentine balloon!

This is her love language and Chickfila!

Dad sent up my Kindergarten reading primer and Kaitlin and I have had the best time! I love my sweet Kindergarden teacher and I remember vividly working thru this book! So it has been fun working on sounds, and letters with Kaitlin!

They made some beautiful art at school and Kaitlin was so proud of her masterpiece.

They also made the cutest crafts studying about Queen Esther

I threw them away but wanted to keep the memory! Don't tell Kaitlin!

Kaitlin has asked many times if she could send a Valentine to Lightning McQueen! So I finally let her make a card and I mailed it to Disney! She is so thrilled and knows he will love it! Sweet girl.


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