Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Treats

Kaitlin talked and talked and talked about her goodie bag.  She woke up and could not get dressed fast enough to get to school and finally get her precious prize. She was so proud of it and could not wait to see all her Valentines!


She has looked at her Valentines everyday and is begging  me to get a book so “she can keep them forever! Kaitlin is a big fan of Valentines Day!


We made some special heart cupcakes and she wanted to make sure they tasted ok! The heart sprinkles passed quality control and Kaitlin passed them to be eaten by everyone.


Kaitlin was so proud of her straw Valentine she gave to everyone in her class.


Kaitlin and her “CUPIG” …he does the cupid shuffle!!


Best $2.50 I ever spent!


We are ready for a day full of love!

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