Thursday, August 28, 2014

Jellyfish Princess

Kaitlin and I were playing in the ocean and she acted a little startled. I assumed she stepped on a shell. She was insistant she was fine and wanted to keep playing. Her leg was really red so I had to drag her out if the ocean to check it out.
She had a red mark that looked similar to a jellyfish. We had the lifeguard check it out and she said wet sand was the best thing for a sting. Kaitlin decided that she wants to a lifeguard and that she would go back in the ocean. She was so brave!
Found this cute pic of Didi and Kaitllin from dinner at Mr Fish
After an exciting day on the beach we headed to Calabash.
Calabash Creamery is our favorite
Sweet girl
It's tradition to have your picture made with the cow
Another beautiful day and another big girl
Colin loves the ocean
And the sand
After another amazing day we headed to Flying Fish at Barefoot Landing
We had so much fun with Didi and were so thankful to spend a few fun days with him in the sun


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  1. I love that last picture- so so sweet
    Looks like such a fun time