Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Beach vacation

We went to beach in August and had the best time with our family! The weather looked pretty gloomy in the 10 day forecast but we were lucky to get lots of beach time! Our kids love the beach and the ocean so they were happy all week
We got to Myrtle Beach Saturday amd it was not very nice weather. We went to Hamburger Joes and had a 30 minute wait not bad for a Saturday night.
It was the perfect start to the week!
We went to our favorite breakfast place, Dino's for breakfast on Sunday! Kailtin thought it was fun to play with the coffee cup!
We actually got on the beach on Sunday. It was not pretty but we were on the beach
We had a few passing showers and then a huge storm came and washed us back to the cono! We were soaked but had a great time!
We went to Mr Fish and had a great meal

Wonderful start to the week


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