Monday, May 27, 2013

Captains and Calabash

We started out our morning at Sea Captain's house! It is right on the ocean and has the best view in town! I remember coming to this resturaunt when I was little so it is always special to bring my family back every year. It was an all you can eat breakfast so they lost money on Colin! He loved everything and it was all you can drink milk so Kaitlin was very happy too!
It is tradition to get your picture made with the captain!
Here is Kaitlin's first visit in 2009 at 6 months old
Here is Colin last year at 6 months old
It was a perfect beach day and we had a blast
Colin is a beach baby
I loved this! Sweet boy just watching the waves

We got ready and headed to Little River and Calabash we tried a new resturaunt right on the river! Kory had a great meal and the hush puppies were amazing.

Then we headed to our favorite ice cream place, Calabash Creamery!
This was Kaitlin with the Calabash cow two years ago! She has grown up so much!

Kaitlin remembered this place and was so excited to come back for a yummy treat!

Kaitlin got blue moon ice cream and thought she was so cool! We had so much fun and it was another great day at the beach


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