Sunday, May 19, 2013

Cool day

Monday started out very cool for the beach. Not like Ohio cold but it was too cold to go to the beach in the morning. We drove around and did some shopping at Market Common!
It finally warmed up enough for Kaitlin and Kory to play on the beach.
She loved to jump in her hole she dug!
So very proud
Loving the beach
After nap time and showers we headed to a new restaurant, Capriz.
It was similar to a Brazilian steak house where they bring different dishes around. They had meats, pizzas, and different pastas they brought to our table as well as a salad bar. They had amazing italian cheeses, my fav Caprese salad and amazing marinated mushrooms. Sounds totally gross but oh my they were amazing. It was very good and kids ate free so they totally lost money on Colin. He loved it!
We walked around Broadway at the beach. I had my picture made with this Dino when I was little so this was a fun picture for me with my sweet girl!
Loving the rides
Kaitlin thought these photo booths were hilarious and her expressions are priceless!


We followed this family of ducks out ! Kaitlin was so thrilled and it was another wonderful day.


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