Friday, May 24, 2013

Mermaid and fish fun

Tuesday started off very cool so we made a trip to the Aquarium! Kaitlin even got to meet a “REAL MERMAID”! She was so happy and asked the mermaid lots of questions!


We had a lot of fun playing at the aquarium and meeting Mr. Shark! We even saw some fish!


More mermaids


They did a special mermaid show with the mermaids in the sting ray tank! The mermaids blew heart shaped bubbles and did all sorts of tricks!

IMG_2180.JPG (2)IMG_2181

After the aquarium we went next store to Jimmy Buffets for lunch! It is a fun place with music and they have a hurricane every 30 minutes that is really loud! Kaitlin was not a fan of all the noise and spent the next week asking if the restaurant we were going to was loud! Poor girl!

IMG_2186.JPG (2)IMG_2184

We had a great day on the beach and then had naps and showers! We had a late dinner in Murrels Inlet and one of our favorites, Lee’s Inlet Kitchen! Kaitlin LOVED more fish and had a great time!





It was a great day!

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