Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Last Day at the Beach

We had amazing weather the last two days at the beach! Everyone had a great time in the sand and took great naps! We were on a great schedule and the kids taking naps made dinner more pleasant every night!


We ate at Mr. Fish Thursday night and had a fun time! Kaitlin was very concerned about who was Mr. Fish and how big was he?? It was so funny to hear her questions! Kory got shrimp and scallops and they were yummy!


IMG_2216.JPG (2)

Last day on the beach and Colin was so tired he fell asleep on the beach! He had such a great week and it was so fun to see him playing in the sand!


When Colin woke up we went to Joe’s Hamburgers for some cheap burgers and it was so good! The beach got very crowded on Friday and there were people everywhere on the roads!



We took much needed naps and ate at Flying Fish Friday night! I got the most amazing buffalo shrimp! It was so great! It was a wonderful way to end the trip!

IMG_2233.JPG (2)

We miss the beach but we are so thankful for this vacation to get away and be together as a family! It was a wonderful way to start our summer!


  1. The close up of Kaitlin in the blue bow is woooooonderful! What a great picture and beautiful little girl. :). I'm so glad you had a great beach trip (and break from the cooler Ohio weather)!

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed your beach photos. Our family {we live in WV} is heading to Myrtle Beach for the FIRST time next week. I was curious if you could please recommend your favorite entertainment ideas that would be good for the little ones. Our kids are ages 4 and 2. Planning on hitting up your ice cream shop; our little boy would LOVE blue ice cream!

    P.S. From one Mama to another - your children have the CUTEST beach clothes ever :)

    1. Barefoot landing and broadway at the beach are our two favorite places to walk around with the kids! There are resturaunts, ice cream, kiddie rides and it is fun for everyone!
      There is a build a bear and build a Dino that my little girl loves at Broadway at the beach
      We did not go to the new sky wheel on the boardwalk but that might be fun too! Hope y'all have a great trip!

  3. Myrtle beach has tons of awesome putt putt courses! There is a brand new pirate dinner show we have not been to it but have heard amazing things about it!

  4. Just found your blog, love it! We just got back from vacation at the beach too...so refreshing to get to the ocean every once in a while.
    -your newest follower-

  5. Thanks Amy for taking the time out of your busy schedule to give me a few pointers. I'll checkback and let you know how things went!