Thursday, January 26, 2012

Back to the Future

Kory was busy all week taking orders from a crazy nesting woman who is trying to find all my baby stuff! I had totally forgotten how much “stuff” comes with a baby. I am slowly remembering all the neat things we have to welcome our new baby home. Kaitlin was thrilled when we brought out some new “toys."


We are really in trouble! I can already see a fight for the Bumbo now! I can not remember her ever being this little and now it is so amazing to see how my baby has changed into a Big girl!!

8-9 Weeks 106

Kaitlin loved this chair when she was tiny

9-10 weeks 015

Some things never change!!

Jan 2012 001

I have about 6 weeks until we have another baby and I couldn’t be more excited!! People have been asking if I am putting the finishing touches on his room. I try not to laugh… we have started on his room that is currently a guest room! We have a place to change him which will be used very frequently in the months to come!

Jan 2012 006

Here is the rest of the “nursery” We have a LOT of work to do but I know it will all get done!

Jan 2012 009

If not, newborns can totally sleep in a queen sized bed right!!?? We will be getting to work! Actually poor Kory will be working while I give directions!

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  1. I was laughing at my son the other day because he has a new obsession with his walker. He's 18 months so he doesn't need it at all. I told hubby when the new baby comes we will never keep him out of it's stuff!

    I love the changing area. Can't wait to see the rest of the nursery :)