Monday, January 23, 2012

Tutu Fun

Kaitlin is more and more fun everyday!! Last week we played dress up for hours and it was a blast. At one point she was yelling for “Help” and when Kory came to her rescue she needed help because she had dumped ALL her stuffed animals out of the bins! She told him to “clean up big mess”! Kaitlin is a riot!


Practicing her curtsey!


She is really growing up too fast! I can’t believe I am planning her 3rd birthday party!


We are so busy these days and I usually have to wake Kaitlin up from naptime or in the morning to get somewhere on time so Friday we had a special day of not going anywhere!  It was wonderful and we got some much needed down time. She wanted to watch a little show on “HER ELMOPAD” before naptime and she was just so happy to be at home!


Somehow between Christmas and spring cleaning we had lost “red car” for a couple weeks! Kaitlin found him on Friday and did not let him out of her hand!


Kory and Kaitlin had an ice cream  date on Friday while I was helping get ready for a baby shower! They had the best time and Kaitlin went on and on about it when they got home!! Kory is such a great dad and I foresee many more dates in their future!


  1. Your right, she is a cutie! She's at a really fun age too. I think it's awesome her & dad had a date. That is too sweet.

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