Thursday, January 19, 2012


This past weekend, Kaitlin went to the birthday party of one of her sweet little friends at the Little Gym.  Kaitlin hadn’t been here before and she had such a good time.  At first, she did pretty well with the whole “Take Instructions & Wait” thing …


At some point though, she became impatient and just went WILD running all over the place.  She wasn’t a big fan of waiting her turn and at one point, I looked up and she was on this balance beam BY HERSELF WITHOUT HELP!!!  Scared me to death … but the girl does have some balance! 


The picture below is pretty blurry but she got an idea for a new game at the party too … TUNNEL!!!


It didn’t take long for her to knock out on Saturday night after all the fun & festivities.


Now, when she gets up from her nap, I can hear her in her crib exclaiming, “PAARR-TAY!!!”


I guess she’s just trying to dress the part now.  What a fun little girl!

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  1. She's so spunky!!! If she's already mastering the balance beam you may have a tiny gymnast on your hands. Glad she enjoyed the party!