Sunday, January 15, 2012


My sweet girly girl has a new love… Cars!!

January 2012 040

We love the movies and love all the action cars.

January 2012 045

Kaitlin wanted her picture made with “Happy Car”! We need to work on on our posing… she said cheese and then ran to approve the picture on the OTHER side of the camera. She loved it.

January 2012 047

Watching “Cars” while playing with cars

January 2012 051

Posing with Purple car

January 2012 049

It is so interesting to watch Kaitlin crash the cars together and make them bang into each other. The very next minute she is rocking them to sleep and making them go night night.

January 2012 050

We are playing cars a lot in our house these days. She is going to LOVE having a brother that she can play cars with someday.

January 2012 019

Our favorite car “Happy Car”.

January 2012 020

Racing cars is so much fun.

January 2012 024January 2012 025

The girl LOVES to race!!

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  1. Adorable, my daughter used to love to play with cars too :)