Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

They started out the week claiming Friday would bring 6-12” of snow.  After the last 8” snowfall, we figured this would be more of the same.  WRONG!!!  Compare 10:00 p.m. vs 08:00 a.m in case you’ve never seen 2+ FEET of snow.


So here’s what the house looked like in the afternoon on Saturday.

IMG_2901IMG_2905IMG_2903  IMG_2892

And after Kory dug us out a little on Sunday …

IMG_2945 IMG_2946 IMG_2947

We even made Fox News on Sunday morning for snowfall!


So, not only has Kaitlin experienced her first snowfall, but now she’s seen her first blizzard as well.  What a weekend!!!!

IMG_2915 IMG_2917 IMG_2921 IMG_2919

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