Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The mystery of the missing remote

Kory and Kaitlin share a love for remotes. For a while, we had about 5 remotes  just to turn on the TV. Forget about watching a Bluray!  That would require an additional 2 remotes!  So Kory “simplified” things and bought 1 universal remote to control everything – which I’m pretty such is more intelligent than I am!  So Kory moved his old remote upstairs in the play room.  Thus begins the caper of the missing remote control …

The Suspect


Using skills I learned as child watching Daphnie & Velma on Scooby Doo, I figured that it was in a toy bin and would turn up during clean up time.

Repeat Offender


After a few days and no remote, Kory was wondering where it had ran off to, and I had looked everywhere.  Then, Kaitlin's TV remote went missing and I knew we had a mystery.


Wanted for Questioning


Looking Guilty


Apparently Kaitlin loves to hide things in her secret  hiding place. I watched her gathering balls and blocks around the  playroom and then they would disappear. So I was patient and planned a stake-out to catch her hiding more treasures.


Watching her I finally found her attempting to hide large stuffed animal behind the TV in her secret place! I found many missing pieces of toys games, puzzles and BOTH remotes!

   The “Secret Hiding Place”


Mystery solved!  But … she’s still really cute!



  1. So did she have to do hard time. We are working on not eating the remotes. Literal.

  2. Be careful about those secret hiding places, had a friend whose kid put the remote in a cold oven... I guess you can imagine what happened when she pre-heated oven to get ready to cook dinner!