Sunday, April 21, 2013

Life lately

We have been a little under the weather this week and we all finally felt almost normal yesterday! We went to a local Mexican restaurant. It was so nice to be out and they had the most amazing ballon animals for kids! We will be back soon for good food and more ballon creations!

Kaitlin's school has had different themes each week and it is so fun to see Kaitlin learn new things! They had live baby chicks for bird week and Kaitlin was beside herself. She was so thrilled and talked about the birds fr days and days!

This was beach week!

Kaitlin has "an affinity for science" and soaks up everything she learns at home or in a book. They had space week and Kaitlin's teacher said Kaitlin was the one most excited in her class and could name the planets and properties of the plants.

The next week was ocean week and Kaitlin Loves animals so she had another great week. We were in Pottery Barn Kids after school and she was thrilled to name the different sharks and other animals on the bedspreads! She knows so many different sharks and whales. All the employees thought it was so funny.

This week is animal week so we are looking forward to another great week.

Kaitlin loves her new PJ's .....she does not want to wash them she loves them so much! I have managed to wash them so no worries!

Colin is on the run and extra curios these days! His favorite activity is attempting to open the pantry.Everyday.
Any door that is closed he sees as a challenge!
He loves playing with cars and balls. Such a boy.

He is also starting to love stuffed animals just like his sister!


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