Monday, November 11, 2013

Monday catch up

Colin is excited about the snow they are forecasting tomorrow!
He is getting so big and I love his messy hair! I know it needs to be cut but it is so sweet! Gotta love some Bama bangs!
We have been doing a thankful tree everyday in November! We write one thing we are thankful for everyday. Which also means we are cutting, glueing and writing everyday! It has been such a blessing !
Our tree is much bigger now and will be a keepsake for sure
Colin can climb in his seat! And he loves to sit and watch
They figured out a great hiding place
Kaitlin and Mr Turkey
We got to take home cubby bear last week. Kaitlin loves him! I made germybear stay in my trunk all week! Kaitlin wanted one picture with him.... Then I made her go wash her hands! She is loving Awana and is learning so much!


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